Kinder Goats
Kinder goats originated in the United States in the state of Washington, in the mid 1980's. They are a cross between a registered Nubian and a registered Pygmy. The first offspring from this cross are first generation kinders. The offspring from first generation kinders are second generation. They continue increasing one generation more than the lowest generation parent until fifth generation kinders, they become registered kinders.
Kinders are a small size goat with does reaching a maximum height of 26" and bucks a maximum of 28". They are feed efficient and able to thrive on much less feed than many breeds. Kinders are aseasonal breeders and can be bred as early as 8 months of age if they are at least 60 pounds. Kinders are a dual purpose breed used for both a dairy animal and meat. With their gentle disposition and small size, they are easy for both adults and children to train and handle and make wonderful companians.
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